Dedication Plaques

These plaques will be placed on the new bridge at Old Castle Lachlan.

With conservation work underway at Old Castle Lachlan, you can contribute to the vital repairs and improvements by publicly honouring family members, loved ones, clan society branches, businesses and organisations.  But only 60 of the premium places reserved for the founding supporters remain. For this unique opportunity to display your family and loved ones’ names in the heart of Strathlachlan please get in touch after reading the details below.

How to Sponsor

The name/s you select is engraved onto a high quality, discreet, stainless steel plaque then permanently displayed on the bridge to the castle. Each plaque costs US$120or £75. The funds raised in this way are helping us finance the ongoing work ensuring safe and enjoyable access to the site and enabling greater understanding of the heritage and natural beauty in Lachlan Bay.

We are very grateful for all donations and are especially pleased that this unique offer to be part of the conservation work is appreciated by so many different people around the world.’

To reserve your plaque and get details of how to pay contact  

Dedication Plaques image