Thank You

We'd like to say thank you to the many people who have already supported our project by sponsoring the bridge, benches and information panels. 



The Bridge 

William Briggs Lauchlan 1945-2014

Margaret and John Mclaughlin

Emma Kirkwood Mclauchlan

Lewis Stewart

James and Rhoda Graham

Rhoda, Peter, Liz Dow

Douglas and Anne Currie

Pauline, Paul, Skye & Aidan Beautyman

Margaret Lawrie Grant

Alexander Birnie Grant

Todd and Gaylyn Mclauchlin

Frank and Willa Mclauchlin

Caroline English

John English

Anthea Barnes

Donald Chisholm 1948-2013 And Rory

David Harris

Robin Brechin 1957-2005

Stuart and Daniella Kidd 19 May 2012

Sophie, Ollie, Ryan, Kylie, Kelsie

Grace and Cameron Flavelle

Emma and Bill Mutch 1969-2007

Glen Mclaughlin

Clan Maclachlan Society, Victoria

James Weston Mclauchlan Snr

Ann Jamieson

Dr Christopher Mclachlan

Gabriella Oliver

Miriam Oliver

Lachlan Nicholas Roy Boyland (Mclachlan)

Angelique Rose Boyland (Mclachlan)

Jason Roy Joseph Boyland (Mclachlan)

Maximilian John Desmond Traynor-Boyland

Rose Ann Traynor Boyland (Mclachlan)

Judith Rose Boyland (Mclachlan)

Megan Ann Boyland (Mclachlan)

Kenneth Joseph Mclachlan

Leslie Joseph Mclachlan 1905-1991

Ursula Mclachlan

Tony Mclachlan

Julie Kerr Nee Mclachlan

Peter Mclachlan

Cecilia Pugliese Nee Mclachlan

Bernadette Grope Nee Mclachlan

Alasdair and Kirsteen Maclauchlan

Jamie McCallum

Angus Maclauchlan

Donald and Margaret Maclauchlan

The Wignells

Zinnia Rome Wilson

Charles Rome Lachlan Wilson

Isaac and Dylan McAlinden

Max Hunter

Lachlan Hunter

Jackson Rome Humphries

Leo Humphries

Zoe Maclachlan

Trudi, Findlay and Tomas Cueto

Lisa, Rory, George and Annie Maclachlan

Zannah, Zoe, Jody and Charlie Maclachlan

Vicky, Colin, Alis, Caitlin, Erin and Tom McKay

Katharine, Richard, Harvey and Josie

Gordon, Cate and Sam Mackay

Ian and Olga McLaughlin

Eric and Gloria McLaughlin

Ryan and Ashley McLaughlin

Ian Malcolm Maclachlan, Mapleton, Australia

June Johnston nee McLachlan 1948 – 2014

Steve and Tracey Maclachlan 20-08-2015 NYC

Christopher Samuel Shortt and Charlotte-Rose Docherty 24 October 2015

Vi and Les Stewart, March 2016

Ian Gibson Maclachlan 1932 – 2016

Patricia Maclachlan 1932 – 2015

Cara and Suzanna Lees

Maiya and Liam Black





Euan Maclachlan of Maclachlan 25th Chief

Marjorie Maclachlan of Maclachlan 1920-1996 24th 


George Styles Rome Maclachlan of Maclachlan 1921-1994

Jean English

Malcolm English

Makin Family

Georgina Jewison

Alexandra Jewison



Wilson and Isobel Bowman

The Bowman Belfields

Laura Mary Mclachlin 1874-1967

Alexander Hugh Mclachlin 1843-1932

Hugh Alexander Mclachlin 1817 - 1890

Sally-Ann Mclachlan

Duncan Vivian (Viv) Mclachlan

Duncan Gordon Mclachlan

Clan Bryden Grianan

Clan Bryden Grianan

Ian Lindley Fraser Mckay

Lochlann Fraser Mckay

Sue Maclachlan

Hon and Bobby Campbell

Fergus, Roddy, Diarmid Campbell

Brendan, Sarah Jamie and Niamh Perry-Doyle

George and Harry Breese

Jean D. Pryde

Nat Corstorphine


Bruce Pettie

Leif and Lorna

Mary Francis Mclaughlin Brunsden 1918- 2013

Andrew Winter

Patricia McArthur

Cindy and Rick Boman ne John Michael McGlocklin

John and Dott McGlocklin “ Mimi And Papa”

Sarah Benson and Dave Weatherhead

Livia Cara Weatherhead Benson

Michael, Macarena and Marco

Tony and Helen Weatherhead

William Charles Alexander Godfrey 1913-2007

Rose Isobel Gilmour 1913-1991

Kenneth Charles Godfrey & Judith Mary Gauthier, Toronto, Canada

The Allan Family, Lesmahagow

Elizabeth Maclachlan Raaka

Donald Carl Claflin

Rena Mclachlan

Phil and Debbie Pattinson, Ardentinny

Dr Andrew Anderson 1918-2010

Jean Anderson 1919-2015

Brian, Moira, Faye and Bryan Tester

Angus Macpherson Maclachlan

Donald Macdonald

Clan Mclaughlin of Orkney

Jens Schaeffer

Vanessa James

John and Catherine Mackay

Finlay Iain Fountain Anderson

Clann Lachlainn, Laudail

Alan and Jan Chapman

Jennifer and Simon Lambart 13 June 2015

Alistair A. McLean and Norah Flynn Engaged 5 April 2015 

Gertrude Elizabeth Foster 1905 – 1983

Crawford/Boyd, Garrien

David Jardine McLachlan 1902 – 1985

Lachlan Hamish McKell

Dr Barrie J Maclachlan Orme

Carol-Anne Welsh and Derek Macmurchy 4 June 2016

Les Earle and Teresa Hunt-Earle

Jock and Jessie McLachlan

Martin Giles and Sheena (Morrison) Giles

Audrey and Conal Greene and Gran Kit

Information panels

Glen McLaughlin

Elizabeth Maclachlan Raaka

Angus MacPherson Maclachlan

Bryan Lee McLauchlin

James Goudie Williamson 1945 – 2008

Beryl Jean (McLaughlin) Murphy 1901 – 1986



Emily Elizabeth Moorman (McLoughlin) 1930 – 2009

Kevin Leslie McLachlan 1929 – 2012

Francis Joseph Maclachlan 1924 – 1986 and Madge Barker Maclachlan 1924 – 1992


Castle courtyard and viewpoint

Roddy and Pauline Maclachlan