The Plan

The conservation of the castle is a major project. We are tackling it in phases and have completed phases one and two. We will be moving into phase three after consultation is complete and we reach our funding goals. 

Phase One & Two

These phases were carried out between 2011 and 2016.

The work included:

Setting up and protecting the site with a compound, site hut, and scaffolding.

Poisoning the ivy on the south elevation and the removal of the ivy and other vegetation.

Repairs to the SW corner and entrance wall, high level masonry consolidation, props to vaults, repairing the wall walk and wall heads.

Controlling the ivy and other vegetation.

Turf capping of the walls.

A new bridge across the River Lachlan and improvements to paths included a new path to connect Kilmorie Chapel to the coastal walks and a heritage trail.

Interpretation and signage were designed and installed.

A programme of activities and events provided learning opportunities and raised the profile of the site to new and regular visitors.



Phase Three

In phases one and two some 15% of the old castle wall surface was completed. It is hoped we will complete the balance of 85% in this phase.

The work undertaken in Phase Three will include:

Work on the NW and NE elevations.

Further repairs and consolidation to the walls, vaulted rooms, the well, north and south staircases, fireplace and general masonry.

Improvements to allow further access inside the castle such as staircases, handrails, platforms and gallery.

Path and landscape improvements.

Right now...

We are seeking funding to carry out consultancy work which will lead to phase three of our conservation plan:

The consultancy work required includes:

A detailed survey taken of the site, production of design proposals and detailed design and schedule of works, contract documentation on the castle.

In addition, external works are needed to agree the extent of the work required as a scheduled monument site. 




Other work needing done at this stage is an upgrade of the path from the new bridge to the existing estate road.  Plus completing the car park area to the B8000 road.

After the consultancy work has been completed, we will be undertaking a major fund raising exercise to allow the works to be carried out.

If you would like to help us achieve these aims you can donate here

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