Conservation Project

Old Castle Lachlan is currently undergoing expensive and specialist conservation work. When the work is completed we will all be able to enjoy exploring the castle inside and out once more.

Our project is not just about stabilising the bricks and mortar of the Old Castle. We are making sensitive improvements to the whole area round the castle at Lachlan Bay while respecting its natural beauty, wildlife and historic importance, and supporting the local community.

Special places like this, with nationally important heritage and environmental assets, can play a big part in ensuring the social and economic resilience of rural communities. They bring positive benefits to local businesses, stop the drift of people to towns and cities, attract young families whose children keep the local school open, and contribute to a thriving social and cultural life and a healthy population. Investment in these special places is essential.


Old Castle Lachlan is a special and valued place to everyone who discovers it. Its increasing popularity to visitors means we need to ensure the site remains safe, undamaged and accessible to as many as possible. We also want enhance people's enjoyment and understanding of the heritage and contemporary importance and value of the site.

We have improved paths around the coast, installed a new bridge, added more information on site and will achieve safe access inside the castle itself, once the conservation work is complete, including up to wall walk height. You will be able to spend a whole day here and go away feeling you have had a very special, rich experience in a unique, unspoilt place, one they will want to return to again and again. 

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