Funding our Project

The conservation of the Old Castle is estimated at £1,500,000. We have met the £650,000 costs of phases one and two through grants and donations. Work is progressing steadily but we will need more funding  and support to see the project finished.

The Lachlan Trust

The Lachlan Trust who are behind the conservation is run by volunteers with the support of the Maclachlan Estate. We have no paid staff or overheads. All of the money we raise is spent on our conservation projects. We successfully raised £100,000 to conserve Kilmorie Chapel, the resting place of the Maclachlan clan chiefs. That award-winning scheme was completed in 2006.

Thank You 

We must give thanks to Historic Scotland, Heritage Lottery Fund, Awards for All, Paths for All and Wolfson Foundation for grant funding and of course local supporters, the Maclachlan Estate and the many branches of the Clan Maclachlan Society around the world for donations and fund raising events held.

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